Jeff Mazer’s work with advisors is focused on litigation, valuation and bankruptcy. Jeff brings broad expertise in each of these areas. Yet, because his experience is vested in real-life problem-solving, he also knows the elements important to each circumstance.


Litigation Expert Witness & Consulting

Acting as a litigation expert witness, or consulting with an advisor on specific elements of information important to a case, Jeff provides knowledge, in-depth research, and a multi-disciplinary perspective to provide solutions. Whether the issue pertains to securities law, ownership change, financial statement auditing, or independent dispute advice, Jeff leverages his experience and expertise to bring clarity and identify issues.

“Leveraging financial and legal insight and expertise, I provide independent dispute advisory, investigative research, data acquisition and analytical solutions.”

Specific services include identifying appropriate content for discovery requests, refining case strategies and testing the cohesiveness of client arguments. He also provides estimates of potential damages and other analyses for litigation or settlement discussions.

Bankruptcy Expert Witness and Consulting

In his role as a bankruptcy expert witness consultant, Jeff Mazer typically focuses on business or investment valuation. His experience in corporate finance and investment management, as well as his understanding of corporate and securities law, offer a backdrop to strongly support the advisor and his client in determining fair value.

Business Valuation & Valuation Strategy Consulting

Jeff Mazer frequently collaborates with business owners, investors, and advisors on the topics of business valuation and strategic planning to create value. Jeff knows that valuing a business requires a combination of financial expertise and an understanding of the legal context in which the valuation is being used. Because Jeff has built his expertise at the intersection of financial and legal components, he offers a compelling set of expertise to address valuation strategy.                 

 “With insight into the strategic, operational and financial affairs of the business, I give owners and advisors useful and accurate valuation information they can use to achieve their unique financial objectives.”