Jeff typically works with company owners and management teams in one of two roles: in early-stage growth companies, Jeff works as a Virtual CFO to help the company create and develop important financial systems and infrastructure. For established companies, Jeff provides more specialized financial consulting services.

Early-Stage Growth Company

Established Company

Maturing Company

Mature Company


Growth-stage companies frequently require strategic advice on matters of financial planning, resource development, growth investment and practical day-to-day company management. Jeff Mazer offers his extensive experience to act as a Virtual CFO to identify and solve ongoing challenges. Some of the key needs associated with this stage of growth are listed below, along with proposed solutions. Strategic management decisions have a major impact on performance and success.



Financial Systems: Develop accounting and financial framework.

Process & Procedures: Create governance, continuity and other critical decision-making infrastructure.

Efficient Capital Use: Develop and utilize financial information to make effective use of scarce resources.

Legal Document Review: Ongoing review of agreements and their impact on the business

Creative Staffing Solutions: Isolate factors to determine whether to hire or outsource; build HR infrastructure.


Jeff’s Role

Strategic Virtual CFO: Unlike the traditional CFO role, this position designed to provide C-Level advice and counsel to management of growth-stage companies.

"Businesses run on financial data, but for growing companies, tools to manage the usefulness and reliability of financial data are often inadequate. Implementing sound financial reports, policies and procedures helps business owners make smarter decisions."



As companies grow, they establish management teams, consistent and growing earnings and more stable financial situations. Even as these companies thrive, they need additional investment in infrastructure, data management, ongoing competitive reviews, strategic planning and process and procedures definition and review. In privately-owned companies, there may also be a need to plan for an intergenerational ownership transfer. These services can be offered to company owners separately or as a continuum of projects over time.        



Financial Data Management Tools: Improve financial information, allow forecasting and strategic planning support, review and analyze competitive financial data.                        

Business Infrastructure Evaluation: Develop competitive analysis model for ongoing evaluation of growth and profitability.

Business Continuity Planning: Review management structure and resources to mitigate risk.

Process & Procedures: Insure that internal decision-making infrastructure is competent and effective.

Intergenerational Ownership Transfer: Identify methodology, timing and process for planned generational succession.


Jeff's Role

Consultant/Advisor: Provides advice and counsel to management as the company evolves, either on an ongoing or ad hoc basis.


"Critical to decisions about growth, investing financial resources, and mergers and acquisitions, Jeff develops custom management reporting packages and implements financial approaches to increase the usefulness and reliability of financial data for business owners."



Actively plans for an ownership transfer typically leads to a higher sale price and an orderly transition of management. Jeff Mazer works with companies to identify gaps and develop strategies to address issues that negatively affect valuation. Jeff has expertise in understanding these potential problems and developing solutions to enhance value.



Periodic Appraisals: Utilize detailed financial information for the company, its competitors and industry to create appraisals, tracking the potential value of the company over time.                  

Strategic Valuation Enhancement Plan: Focus on key factors important to increasing final sale price including management team development, transition plan, operating efficiency, effective financial systems and records, sales growth, industry health and a strong internal governance structure.

“Building a sold exit plan can take several years. Ideally, an owner should start planning for a sale 3-5 years before their target retirement date.”



Focused on the strategic, operational and financial affairs of the business, Jeff provides owners and advisors useful and accurate valuation information they can use to deal with the disposition of a company.



Business Valuation: Utilize detailed financial information for the company, its competitors and industry to create a valuation.


Jeff's Role

Consultant/Advisor: Provides counsel to owner and advisors involved in the disposition.

 “My goal is to provide timely and real-world business valuation services to owners and inheritors of privately-held firms and their legal, financial, and banking advisors.”