Solutions for business owners

Businesses run on financial data, but for growing companies, tools to manage the usefulness and reliability of financial data are often inadequate. Implementing sound financial reports, policies and procedures helps business owners make smarter decisions, and is critical to decisions about growth, investing financial resources, and mergers and acquisitions. Acme Financial develops custom management reporting packages and implements financial policies and procedures to increase the usefulness and reliability of financial data for business owners.


Creating and evaluating business appraisals for owners and advisors


Valuing a business requires a combination of financial expertise and an understanding of the legal context in which the valuation is being used. Acme Financial provides timely and real-world business valuation services to owners of privately-held firms and their legal, financial, and banking advisors. With insight into the strategic, operational and financial affairs of the business, we give owners and advisors useful and accurate valuation information they can use to achieve their unique financial objectives.


Acme Financial provides services to attorneys and advisors to help unravel complex financial, legal and regulatory issues in securities and financial industry litigation and in bankruptcy proceedings. Leveraging financial and legal insight and expertise, we provide independent dispute advisory, investigative, data acquisition, and analytical solutions. Our specific services include identifying appropriate content for discovery requests, refining case strategies, and working with clients to test the cohesiveness of their arguments. We also provide estimates of potential damages and other analyses that litigation parties use to negotiate settlements.

Litigation and bankruptcy consulting