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Understanding the interaction between finance and law for a company in a particular industry,
at a certain stage of growth, and a precise set of legal requirements –
is a critical component of my expertise.
— Jeff Mazer

Jeff Mazer provides solutions to business owners and professional advisors that combine detailed knowledge of business strategy, corporate finance and business valuation with the critical legal perspective to support strong business decision-making.

With his broad experience in finance and law, Jeff draws on parallels and patterns from working with companies in similar circumstances. This perspective proves critical to business owners and their advisors in addressing business issues and developing solutions to tackle them.



Jeff works with advisors, as a financial resource and expert witness. He provides business owners financial and legal solutions important to running successful organizations. His expertise can solve specific problems confronting an advisor or business-owner --- or be used within a longer-term strategic relationship.

As a finance expert, Jeff consults with advisors -- including attorneys, wealth managers, accountants and bankers – to support client work, using his specialized areas of expertise.

 As a virtual CFO, Jeff plays a strategic role in collaborating with an early-growth company and its senior management team. Where change impacts a more mature company, Jeff develops solutions to specific business needs.